Do Online Reviews Influence Your SEO Performance?

In a word: yes. Businesses that have lots of positive reviews are ranked higher in searches than those that have mixed reviews or few reviews. The amount of attention you want to focus on your reviews will depend on what sort of businesses you’re in and what kind of customers you’re pursuing, but every business can benefit from at least a few reviews.

Reviews Are Life (or Death) For Local Retailers

If your company sells high-volume cement batching plants to international construction companies, then maintaining a vibrant and positive Yelp page is not really a high priority. If you’re running a gardening center that relies exclusively on customers in your community, reviews should be one of your highest (if not your very highest) optimization / online marketing priority.

Mobile optimization is more important than ever for businesses in every sector, and it’s particularly crucial for local retailers. More and more first-time customers are going to come through your door – or visit your competitors – because they asked Siri to find them the nearest decent gardening center. Take a look at the way local businesses get ranked when you run a mobile search; it’s no accident that the ones at the top of page one also happen to have tons of positive reviews.  Check out this site for more tips on getting positive reviews for your Hong Kong company.

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Google My Business Is Not Optional

In every industry, you need to have a fully fleshed-out Google My Business page with accurate contact information, good photos, a carefully-composed description of your company and, ideally, about a dozen generally favorable reviews.

The data on Google My Business influences the way Google ranks businesses for local searches, mobile searches, and searches executed through Google Maps. Populating your Google account with some fair and positive reviews should be your first priority.

One Negative Review Isn’t a Crisis

Whether review management becomes the core of your SEO strategy or just a small part of it, it’s important not to go nuts every time a customer posts a two-star review. The internet makes it easy to respond to all public criticism, but that doesn’t mean you should. Only respond to reviews when you can be professional and helpful. Defensively arguing over every last entry on your Yelp page definitely sends the wrong impression to potential customers.

Don’t doubt the fact that online reviews matter with regard to your search engine ranking. You’ll still have to make your own decision about how much attention you need to devote to improving your reviews, though. Figure out how many of your Hong Kong customers are likely to use online reviews in their purchasing decisions and then let that estimate dictate your priorities.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Benefit Your Hong Kong SEO Campaign

Accelerated mobile pages are something you need to start using if you want to offer a better experience to visitors who use Smartphones and tablets. These pages load a lot faster than regular webpages, which will have a positive impact on your search engine optimization campaign.

Accelerated mobile pages are easy to create and update. Switching to this format will provide your audience with a better experience since they won’t have to wait for your content to load and navigation will be easier.

This format will benefit your Hong Kong SEO campaign because mobile pages that take too long to load cause some users to leave your site before your content has loaded. No matter how high your pages rank on search engines, you might be losing traffic because mobile users have a hard time with accessing your content.


The amount of traffic your pages get are an important aspect of your SEO campaign. You also want to have your visitors click on some links to see more of your Hong Kong Myspace pages. This will result in a better rank for your website and will keep boosting your traffic. You will find that more mobile users are clicking on your links once you switch to accelerated mobile pages since this format allows visitors to easily access your content and find links to content they are interested in.  Check out this twitter page for more tips for building an accelerated mobile page.

Accelerated mobile pages are likely to link to similar pages. Building back-links will be easier if other webmasters know they can rely on your pages to load quickly and to provide their readers with a good experience when they click on an external link. The most popular publications in your field will not link to your content if they know their readers will not have an ideal experience when using a mobile phone.

You need to start using accelerated mobile pages if you have a mobile website. This format is easy to use and is a much better experience for readers who have Smartphones or tablets. Making your content easier to load and navigate will benefit your SEO campaign since people will spend more time on your site, hence they will be more likely to click on your internal links and Hong Kong webmasters will be more likely to create back-links to your content if they know your pages load quickly.

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